Application Performance Monitoring made Easy

Indico uses native APIs to gather data from the load balancers already on your network. There is no need to use network taps, spans or other technologies to complicate your deployment. Indico harnesses the power of algorithms to baseline web application performance metrics. Indico then analyzes data patterns for every web application to actually predict potential performance issues, which in turn reduces your mean time to detect and avoid costly service interruptions.

Best of all, Indico is automated and requires no care; no feeding. It delivers useful, actionable performance data, day in and day out, to ensure your crucial web applications are performing at their peak.

Compelling features of Indico:

  • Baselines normal web application performance and establishes dynamic, intelligent thresholds
  • Specific proactive, actionable alerts when performance degrades dramatically reducing MTTD
  • Automatic detection, collection, and alerting for new, changing, or deleted web applications
  • Role-based web portal with personalized, executive-ready graphs and chart pages for all stakeholders
  • No Probes, No Agents, No TAPs, No SPANs
  • RESTful API: share data with other applications and enable custom reporting

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