Product Overview

Ensuring uptime and performance of revenue generating web applications plays a critical role in today's online business world. Indico is a smart Application Performance Management (APM) platform that leverages advanced analytics to provide early detection of performance issues before they disrupt critical business applications.

Product Description

Indico VM, Indico 1000, and Indico 2000 are purpose built appliances that provide the easiest platform yet for monitoring web application performance. No matter what platform you choose, Indico is the only product that installs in 15 minutes and provides critical performance information immediately for every web application. It's a snap.

Indico uses native APIs to gather data from the load balancers already on your network. No need to change anything. Indico analyzes data patterns for every web application to actually predict potential performance issues. It harnesses the power of algorithms to baseline performance for every application metric as well as across metrics to detect any abnormality. This increases your visibility and drastically reduces your mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) problems that can lead to website incidents.

Best of all, Indico is automated and requires no care; no feeding. It just delivers your critical performance data, day in and day out, to ensure your crucial web applications are performing at their peak.

Indico 1000 Indico 2000
Indico VM

ADC Device and Feature Support

Features Indico VM Indico 1000 Indico 2000
Total ADC Objects (VIPs, Pools, Members) 6,000 12,000 24,000
Total ADCs Up to 4 Pairs Up to 10 Pairs Up to 20 Pairs
Indico® Clustering and HA
(increased object support and high availability)
F5® BIG-IP® (LTM, LTM VE, VIPRION: TOS v9.4 - 10.X)
Citrix NetScaler®
(NetScaler VPX or NetScaler version 9.3 & higher)
A10® AX Series


Part # Indico VM Indico 1000 Indico 2000
Host Operating System VMWare ESXi 4.0+ Hypervisor
CentOS 6 64-bit Guest
CentOS CentOS
Processor (Sockets/Cores):
Intel® Xeon®
2+ Cores assigned to Indico Guest
(64-Bit CPU Required)
1 Socket / 6 Core 1 Socket / 6 Core
Storage (NLSAS / SAS) 2 TB recommended 4 TB 8 TB
Memory 8 GB minimum, 16GB optimal 16 GB 32 GB
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1.69 x 17.09 x 24.69 (in) 3.40 x 17.4 x 29.75 (in)
Form Factor 1 Rack Unit 2 Rack Units
Power Supplies 2 2
Power Supply Output Reaching 500 Watts 750 Watts
Power Consumption (~) 230 Watts
1.0 Amps @ 220v
240 Watts
1.5 Amps @ 220v
Total Power Dissipation (~) 275 Watts
940 BTU/Hour
295 Watts
1007 BTU/Hour
Weight (~) 35 lbs 64 lbs

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