About Lacuna Systems

We build from experience

Started in 2009 by seasoned web operations professionals, the founders of Lacuna Systems had a vision: to empower web operations to quickly detect and resolve application problems before they impact business. Unable to find a product that met their needs, they joined together and created Indico.

Meet the Team

  • Derek Andree, Technical Director

    Over 15 years IT operations and monitoring experience with leading internet companies including Amazon.com and Classmates.com.

  • Brett Tinling, Product Director

    Over 20 years software experience with AvenueA and Washington Mutual.

  • Angela Eichner, Sales Director

    Business Development and Technology Sales Executive with 8 years experience from leading enterprise companies including Genentech, Time-Warner Communications and Hewlett-Packard.

  • Rick Sangha, Operations Director

    Over 20 years of senior management and technical experience at leading ecommerce and Internet firms including Amazon.com, Cisco, Rendition Networks, and Seven Networks.

Our Technology Partners

Want to work with us?

Contact us at careers@lacunasystems.com

  • Web Developer - PHP and Wordpress
  • UI/UX Designer

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